Wrongful Dismissal

Being terminated from your job can be dauting and frustrating. It can cause mental anguish and financial hardship. Before agreeing to a severance / termination package, it is important to understand your rights and the employer’s obligations.

An employer has the right to terminate your employment; however, there are factors to consider:

  1. Is the termination with cause but the cause is unjustifiable;
  2. Is the termination without cause, but the length of notice is inadequate; or
  3. Did the actions of the employer leave you with no choice but to resign from your position.

An employee that has been dismissed without cause is entitled to notice. The appropriate amount of notice will depend on:

  • Length of service
  • Age of the employee
  • Charter of employment (position)
  • Availability of similar employment while having regard to experience, training and qualifications.

Other factors that maybe taken into consideration when determining length of notice is

  • How you were treated during the termination process
  • Disability

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