Small Claims Court Paralegal Services Toronto, ON

Before making a claim, there are several factors that you should consider. The most important factor is jurisdiction: does the Small Claims Court have the right to hear your matter?

Small Claims Court can only hear matters where the monetary damage or the value of the property being claimed is less than or equal to $25,000.

Small Claims Court is designed to allow an average person to navigate its process; nevertheless, the process remains time-consuming and daunting. Paralegals at JNR Legal Services Professional Corporation will advocate for you before the Court, and eliminate the stress and confusion associated with litigating a court action.

JNR can assist you with the following Small Claims Court matters:

  • Breach of Contracts

  • Collection of Accounts

  • Wrongful Dismissal

  • Personal Injury

  • Property Damage

  • Negligence Claims

  • Enforcement of Orders from other jurisdictions

  • Short-term disability claims

Our services include: CANADA PENSION PLAN | Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario | Landlord and Tenant Board | SMALL CLAIMS COURT | Licence Appeal Tribunal – Accident Benefits | Wrongful Dismissal

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